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Birthday present

MAKEUP Beauty Club cannot miss this significant event! We have already prepared a nice surprise – a gift for your birthday.

What you get: a discount during a birthday order checkout. Adding items of ¥ 1699 or more to your cart, you will get ¥ 400 off; if you place an order of ¥  4699 or more, you will get extra ¥ 800 as a gift. This birthday bonus from us will be valid when using along with current special offers and other current discounts. 

What is required: type in your date of birth in your account, agree to receive the corresponding newsletters (section "Manage subscriptions") and expect our congratulatory letter. Place an order after receiving it and the bonus will be applied automatically. You also do not need to show your ID when receiving the parcel with the order – your registration data is enough for us!


New Year Gift 

We celebrate the New Year according to our own rules! We will remember the date of your first order and will surely congratulate you on the anniversary.

What you get: one of MAKEUP suggested gifts. These can be accessories or other beauty products.

What is required: just add some products to the cart in the total amount of ¥ 1699 or more. When placing the order, our system will offer you some gifts to choose from. The gift will be available within 2 weeks right after the anniversary. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters and we will remind you of the gift awaiting for you. You can get the gift from us only once. Next year, the new gift will be waiting for you, that’s why follow us and make this world even more beautiful!

Personal Beauty Guide

Your looks get hundreds of likes; you are ready to be put on magazine covers any second; you talk about current trends with confidence and, moreover, you can predict them; you know exactly what lipstick shade will be the most popular in the new season and you are using it already! Not surprising, because it is so easy to keep up with all the trends reading MAKEUP Beauty Club articles!

What you get: unique reviews of new, bestselling products, lifehacks and the latest news from our editorial staff. Our articles will help you not only be informed about the latest fashion trends, but also will make it as easy as possible.

What is required: just stay with us and also check our blog and email newsletter. We are relentlessly testing new products and observing the constantly changing world of fashion. Be sure that a new portion of inspiration will await you every week!

Special offers, discounts and bonuses

A discount for your favorite foundation, free lipstick or 1+1=3 special offer? We are constantly making surprises for all members of MAKEUP Beauty Club. Get bonuses and make room in your makeup bag for new beauty favorites!

What you get: weekly digests with a selection of “hot” offers sent to your email.

What is required: enter your email in the " Manage subscriptions" section in your account. Confirm the notifications you would like to receive, and do not forget to check your email. We will let you know about interesting special offers and secret gifts that you can get from MAKEUP.

Interactive wishlist

Scrolling through, it is simply impossible not to become obsessed with a new beauty dream! Therefore, feel free to add new items to your wishlist, and we will take care of storing them for you. Using a wishlist, you will always know when your favorite beauty products are in stock again. Also you won’t miss any special offers related to your favorite products.

What you get: an endless personal wishlist with products that you would like to buy or track their current price. We really value your time and make sure that all your dreams come true!

What is required: click on the heart next to the product you like. After this, the product will be added to your "Favorites" automatically.

Order history

What was the name of the perfect nail polish you bought a few months ago? And what was the shade number of the new foundation that you to tried out? These questions are no longer relevant, because with MAKEUP Beauty Club you can always check your orders history!

What you get: we keep a list of all your orders. Now you have quick access to the products you liked and have a chance to see the updates related to them.

What is required: before adding items to your cart, be sure to log into your personal account. It’s that simple! After this all of your orders will be saved automatically.

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